Carpe Diem Magazine

The first private, Real Estate orientated magazine on the Côte d'Azur, Carpe Diem is a lifestyle magazine published on behalf of Carlton International.

Designed by founder Philip Weiser, unconventional in nature, its aim is to stand out from the competition and differentiate Carpe Diem from the standard real Estate catalogues published by other Real Estate intermediaries. The fascinating Carpe Diem content is written by talented journalists, supported by elegant photography and is published in separate English and Russian editions, in Europe and the United States.

Carpe Diem is delivered to customers with a strong purchasing power. Globally, its cosmopolitan readership brings together over 50 000 persons: investors, executives, business executives, legal and financial consultants, wealthy families, and celebrities. It is intended for an audience interested in acquiring or renting a home in the South of France and in certain select areas of the world, together with all those having the taste for a sophisticated lifestyle.